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Red Carpet uses a customized Hydro Force NON-INTRUSTIVE air duct cleaning system, using compressed air and a HEPA vacuum system.

EACH duct is individually, cleaned, encapsulated, and sanitized using the following process:

  • A special customized Dome is installed over the vent to contain dirt and debris
  • A High Powered CFM vacuum unit is attached to the dome
  • A High Powered Air Compressor hose is attached to the dome and sent through the duct
  • The duct is then thoroughly cleaned by non-damaging compressed air and vacuum
  • A high powered sprayer is attached to the dome and the duct is encapsulated through out- A high powered sprayer is attached to the dome   and the duct is sanitized through out
  • The dome is them removed and the vent is   cleaned with compressed air and cleaning solution
  • The vent is then adjusted

This NON-INTRUSTIVE system is:

  • NON-DAMAGING to ceiling paint and any caulking around vents
  • NON-DAMAGING to your ducts, including flex ducts and duct board
  • NON-DAMAGING to your Environment, the customized dome keeps dirt and debris contained PRICING is all inclusive.

PRICING is all inclusive. The price you are quoted is the price you pay. NO bait and switch

Many Air Conditioner Companies that do not provide Air Duct Cleaning service themselves, recommend or use Red Carpet as a sub-contractor.

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